Data security and safety

Welcome at Ulla Popken Bosnia and Herzegovina!
We are happy to welcome you on our website and thank you for your interest in our brand and products. It is important for us to make sure that your privacy is secured. Please note the following points:

Anonymous data

You can visit our website without revealing your personal data. We only receive information about your internet service provider, the website from which you visit us and the Ulla Popken websites which you are browsing through. Such information is used for evaluation and statistics. You remain anonymous as an individual user.

Analysis and evaluation of personal data

Personal data is analyzed only if you

  • forward it to us to make a contract;
  • to support a survey;
  • if you register for person-related services.

Within the scope of such services your registration data is used for advertisement matters, market analyses and electronic services that are adapted to your needs. The aforementioned steps will only be made if you agree that your data is internally used for such purposes. In addition to this, we shall establish a customer profile for you in order to offer adverts that are individually tailored for the special interests of our customers. This data is sent in an encoded form in order to prevent others from misusing it.

Export and processing of data in countries outside Bosnia and Herzegovina

There is no such export of data into countries outside Bosnia and Herzegovina taking place.

Usage and forwarding of personal data

The data that is analyzed when you visit the websites owned by Tiffany d.o.o. is only used for the processing of orders and for your inquiries. Within the scope of the services provided by Tiffany d.o.o. your registration data is used for advertisement matters, market analyses and electronic services that are adapted to your needs. Such steps are, however, only undertaken if you have agreed with them. Your personal data will not be forwarded to any third parties. Your agreement can be withdrawn at any time, of course.

External Links

In order to provide an optimal flow of information you will find links directing you to websites owned by third parties. As far as such external links are not marked as such, we draw your attention to the fact that such links are external. Tiffany d.o.o. cannot take any responsibility for the contents and design of such sites. The guarantee regarding personal data as mentioned above is not given on external websites.

Further information and contact

If you have further questions regarding “data security and safety at Ulla Popken Bosnia and Herzegovina” do not hesitate to get in touch with your data security agent.

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